Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How to Scrobble Internet Radio (Windows)

This is a step-by-step guide on how to scrobble internet radio using free apps:
  1. Download and install SqueezeCenter from Logitech
  2. Start SqueezeCenter (this automatically started for me)
  3. Open Winamp or iTunes and connect to http://localhost:9000/stream.mp3
    • In iTunes go to Advanced > Open Audio Stream...
    • In Winamp to go File > Play URL...
  4. Once you are connected, open SqueezeCenter (right click on the icon in the system tray and select "Open SqueezeCenter" (this will open in your browser)
  5. Press the settings button down in the bottom right corner
  6. Click on the "Advanced" tab
  7. Select "Last.fm Audioscrobbler" from the drop-down menu
  8. Enter your credentials and make sure that both drop-downs are set to "Yes..."
  9. Click the "Apply" button at the bottom right
  10. Select the "Player" tab
  11. Select either Winamp or iTunes from the drop-down
  12. Select "Last.fm Audioscrobbler" from the drop-down next to the player selection
  13. Enable scrobbling
  14. Click the "Apply" button at the bottom right
  15. Now you are set up to route internet radio through SqueezeCenter to your media player and have it scrobble...
  16. Close the "Settings..." portion of SqueezeCenter
  17. Leave iTunes/Winamp alone, go to the home page of SqueezeCenter
  18. Expand Internet Radio at the left
  19. Choose the station of your choice (I chose to search for a Boston station I like a lot)
  20. Push the play button on the station you choose
  21. Audio should start playing through iTunes/Winamp
  22. Booyeah you're done.
NOTE: If you get "chipmunk" sounding audio (I did), just press the stop button on iTunes/Winamp and then press play again. This fixed it for me.

Happy scrobbling.


Unknown said...

Great guide but be careful, in step 3 the correct URL to open from your player is "http://localhost:9000/stream.mp3". Took me a while to figure out why it wasn't working.

eBN said...

@ty: Weird. Mine is port 9001. I wonder why. (Maybe because I run a lot of different dev services on my box.) I will revise the guide to read port 9000.

Jeff Radighieri said...


Thanks a MILLION for posting this. I have been searching for this for quite a while. You are the man!


it's a secret said...

THANK YOU! I have been searching for a method to scrobble internet radio for months now. Pretty stoked to find your tutorial here... it works just fine. :)

Unknown said...

Whoop! Thanks for this. SqueezeCenter is now Squeezebox Server but the instructions pretty much worked anyway. Cheers.